Annfield Medical Centre

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Get Immediate Help for Minor Injuries

Use your local minor injuries unit if you need medical treatment or advice which does not need a visit to A&E or a medical appointment.

Some examples of problems they deal with:

  • sprains, minor injuries or broken bones – in legs below the knee and arms below the shoulder, where you can bear the weight through your foot or move your fingers (experienced staff can arrange x-rays and apply plaster if required)
  • cuts, wounds (including those that may need stitches) and bruising
  • minor head injuries – where there has been no loss of consciousness or vomiting, and no residual symptoms i.e. headache, nausea, visual disturbance, dizziness or any other symptom of concussion
  • insect bites and or other animal bites
  • minor scalds and burns
  • tetanus immunisation after an injury
  • removal of foreign bodies from eyes, nose or ears
  • eye problems
  • nose injuries and broken noses
  • removal of rings, earrings and studs